Exercise is the Best Medicine

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Who Am I?

Exerstyle is a small group of dedicated indiviuals who provide personal training services and train people of all ages to enjoy exercise and walking with Nordic Poles, a new sport in Israel.

I am a certified fitness instructor, with experience working with people of all ages.  I retired after 30 years of engineering work from major Israeli high tech industries to change careers.

I have always enjoyed sports and exercise. Today, after enjoying the results of this effort, being in good health, in high spirits and with an overall feeling of well being, I wanted others to know the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Nearly eight years ago, I completed the Fitness Instructor course at Wingate Sport Institute. I now work in private gyms -- to guide members in correctly using the machines and weights, to propose personal training programs, to offer advice on good nutrition and to resolve problems --  the essential parts of this job.

I also work as a personal trainer with clients who prefer to exercise in their homes, using equipment and programs that I developed, unique for each client. See my Recommendations, where my clients have written about the benefits they derived and the satisfaction they enjoyed working with me. 

For many years I also lead classes of elderly people in chair exercises, with music and suitable gym equipment  The satisfaction rate is very high!

Lately, as a certiified Nordic Pole Walking instructor, I teach groups in the, techniques of pole walking for improving health.

Why Me?

As one of the many personal trainers in Israel, I have chosen to apply the wisdom that comes with age by working mainly with adults and seniors seeking to include exercise in their life style, for the purpose of maintaining and improving their health, well being, and longevity.

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