Exercise is the Best Medicine

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Shopping for Nordic Poles

Are you looking to buy good quality Nordic walking poles? They cannot be found in our local stores.  

Here in Israel you can choose from the best international companies, such as Gymstick, Exerstrider, Gabel, Leki

I will be happy to explain the features of the various poles, so that you choose the right type for your needs.

Each local importer offers only the most successful models of Nordic Walking poles.  Not all pole models can be bought in Israel.

Visit the company websites to view the features and specifications of the various poles.

For details on Gymstick poles, see:  http://www.mdspharm.co.il

For details on Exerstrider poles, see:  http://www.walkingpoles.com/content/view/28/40/

For details on Gabel poles, see: http://www.gabel.it/en/products-page/products/nordic-walking/

For details on Leki poles, see: http://www.leki.com/nordic-walking-poles/