Exercise is the Best Medicine

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Getting Started

  Nordic Walking is great for people who:
•   Have difficulty reaching their recommended heart rate by just walking  
•   Need to increase caloric expenditure
•   Want to lose weight and strengthen their bones
•  Can't tolerate stress on their lower joints when walking
•  Need motivation to participate in a physical activity
•  Want a safe  aerobic workout without perceived effort 
•  Have orthopedic or balance problems

Learn more about my Nordic Walking Course or join a Walking Club in your area

Course in Nordic Walking Techniques
For walkers without any pole walking knowledge
6 meetings, once a week
Includes free use of Nordic Walking poles
Private lessons can be arranged
Health waiver form required

Walking Club
Intended for experienced pole walkers
Each walker must have own walking poles
Number of weekly meetings: 2 to 3 recommended
Under the supervision of a trained guide

See Calendar of Events for dates and times.