Exercise is the Best Medicine

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What is Nordic Walking?

"Nordic Walking" is regular walking made more effective by the use of unique Nordic Walking poles.  When you add poles and use the correct walking technique, your walk becomes a full body workout!   Nordic Walking creates an efficient and easy way to improve your:  Cardiovascular & Lower body & Upper body

The overall benefit of Nordic Walking vs regular walking is that it offers an intensive, efficient fitness walk with many advantages:
  • Burns up to 40% or more calories
    ■    Increases walking heart rate by 15 to 25 bpm
    ■    Reaches high intensity without high joint impact
    ■    Minimizes feeling of perceived over exertion
    ■    Strengthens most major upper body muscles
    ■    Reduces stress on the lower joints
    ■    Lowers neck and shoulder pain and stiffness
    ■    Improves mobility of neck and chest and shouilders
    ■    Assists in overall balance and stability
    ■    Increases safety in walking, and prevents falling