Exercise is the Best Medicine

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My Services

Personal Trainer

As a fitness professional, I provide exercise prescription and instruction. My goal is to motivate you by helping you set goals and providing feedback about your progress. I can also measure your strengths and weaknesses using fitness assessments to check your improvement. I try to educate in other aspects of wellness including general health and nutrition guidelines..

Nordic Walking instructor

As an instructor in Nordic Walking,  I help you set goals for walking, teach the techniques of pole walking, including how to set up the poles and how to walk correctly, and motivate you to enjoy pole walking. I can offer advice on workout programs and advise you on how to select poles, on the types of exercises and stretches to perform, and how to measure your overall progress.

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"I found my personal strength showed a continuing increase all throughout our relationship. Yehuda has a fine sense of how far to go with exercise..." see more  - Bernard

"Since working with Yehuda, I am more flexible, able to perform physical activities more easily, get less tired, and generally feel better." see more  -  Yakov

"We can highly recommend Yehuda for any age person and in any state of health. He is very motivating and highly encouraging...wonderful to work with" see more.  Adele